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Thief Of Joy

Thief of Joy

Envy, no more my heart entertain,
Separation, it selfishly employs;
For me and You gives mutual pain,
It robs us fellowship and joy.

Self-loathing takes me to a sphere,
Where, in God, many flaws I find;
My heart, it plays back like a mirror,
Contentment, losing strength of mind.

Thief of joy, your fault is found,
Your common but pretentious lie;
Your doubts now buried neath’ the ground,
Will help my fears to gently die.

Christian Living, Contentment, Hope, Jesus, Joy, Love, Poetry, Theology

My Portion

My Portion

Make me whole, my God,
My heart has torn from sin,
Mine eyes can’t see Your beauty,
My soul, it groans within.

Lead me in Your light,
For shame I hide my face,
When wandering in the night,
I strain to see Your grace.

Keep me faithful, Lord,
Until the very end,
My heart, it often wanders,
My faith, it often bends.

Destroy my fortified cities,
That I for comfort build;
Bring me out in lasting joy,
To coffers You have filled.