Contentment, Gentle death, Joy, Love, Surrender


The only thing blocking us from truly loving others is fear; the fear that the one receiving our love might sabotage our desires. We live in a world plagued by the tedious task for humankind to have to “fend for themselves”. We must attain for ourselves what we need and desire–and what everyone else needs and desires usually gets in the way of our own needs and desires, thus we cannot be free to love fully because of the fear of another “taking” what might be ours. We often cannot help living out of the fear of being scarce. We are drowning in scarcity. Why do you think the pull for power plagues our planet?

If we did not fear what another could take from us, then we would be freed up to love with a genuine heart. And, If we actually believed that Christ is everything we need–all our desires fulfilled–then there would be no reason to fear others taking what we long for away. A heart that is content in what is faithfully promised is one that can love joyfully. A heart that is not completely surrendered (surrendered to what He promises is true) to Him cannot love. To surrender is to be truly free–free to love.

Contentment, Gentle death, Hope, Jesus, Joy, Love, Poetry, Sacred Space, Surrender, Theology


Your kindness threads into my story’s fabric of despair;
I weep, You whisper—I know that you are there.

Though the dark of night—it drowns my soul—Your flame, it never leaves;
I’m blind, but You know this—Your teaching me to see.

Grace upon grace is lavished and wasted,
Spilling over until I have tasted,
Your love, Your deep, deep love—and it’s enough.


Contentment, Gentle death, Hope, Jesus, Joy, Love, Music, Poetry, Sacred Space, Surrender

All I Know

Broken, this shell that’s quickly passing–back to where it came;
Empty, this heart, it seems it’s fasting-from love instead of pain.

All I know is that I know what You’ve done for me,
All I know is that I know I’m here on my knees,
And You stay with me, You stay with me.

Hiding, the things I think will shame me–being someone I can’t be;
Running, far from where I started-but it’s running after me.

All I know is that I know what You’ve done for me,
All I know is that I know I’m here on my knees,
And You wait for me, You wait for me.

You know me, this frail, unsteady flower–like a fallen leaf;
You show me, every moment, every hour–how You’re loving me.

All I know is that I know what You’ve done for me,
All I know is that I know I’m here on my knees,
And You’re shaping me, You’re shaping me.

Christian Living, Contentment, Gentle death, Sacred Space, Surrender

Blessed Are The Poor

When one comes to the realization that they are poor, it is then that they are truly ready to receive all that they need.

When we realize that our “defenses” and false identities no longer work, then we are forced to see our poverty. If we become a barren wasteland, if we accept our poverty, then we gratefully receive the kingdom of God.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 5:3

Christian Living, Contentment, Gentle death, Hope, Jesus, Joy, Sacred Space

Thief Of Joy

Thief of Joy

Envy, no more my heart entertain,
Separation, it selfishly employs;
For me and You gives mutual pain,
It robs us fellowship and joy.

Self-loathing takes me to a sphere,
Where, in God, many flaws I find;
My heart, it plays back like a mirror,
Contentment, losing strength of mind.

Thief of joy, your fault is found,
Your common but pretentious lie;
Your doubts now buried neath’ the ground,
Will help my fears to gently die.

Christian Living, Contentment, Hope, Jesus, Joy, Love, Poetry, Theology

My Portion

My Portion

Make me whole, my God,
My heart has torn from sin,
Mine eyes can’t see Your beauty,
My soul, it groans within.

Lead me in Your light,
For shame I hide my face,
When wandering in the night,
I strain to see Your grace.

Keep me faithful, Lord,
Until the very end,
My heart, it often wanders,
My faith, it often bends.

Destroy my fortified cities,
That I for comfort build;
Bring me out in lasting joy,
To coffers You have filled.