“The life, when we’re aware of beauty, is kind of a bittersweet thing, it’s a transient reminder of eternal beauty, which someday we will be face to face with.” -Jon Foreman

That quote speaks volumes to me, and its message has deep roots in my intentions for this blog.

To say that we are broken, sorrow filled creatures may sound harsh and may feel uncomfortable for some, but it is in fact true. Christ understood it, too. He felt our pain.

We try to hide this fact, some by pushing back pain with forced happiness, and others by chasing the wind to satisfy their emptiness.

But broken turns to beauty when we let it go; lay it at Jesus’ feet. When we become vulnerable and honest with ourselves, and about our pain, we suddenly find healing.

So, here, I let my vulnerable self free. I write of the struggles I face so I may be of an encouragement to my fellow sojourner.

Onward and forward, for we are not yet home.


–Anna Callison


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