Christian Living, Jesus, Love

Identity Crises

What defines me? Is it my amount or lack of beauty? Of talent? Of intelligence? Of piety?
No. It cannot be these things. It cannot be anything that I can do, for I am a helpless beggar in need of compassion and mercy.

Yet, Jesus humbled Himself as to so look upon me in that state. He did not walk by in disgust, leaving me in the dust, when he saw me. He did not turn His face, too embarrassed to be seen with me. Instead, He stooped low and was full of compassion. He lifted my head and delt gently with me, telling me of all His great and glorious promises. Then, He bound my wounds with His own and said,

“See how much I love you; see and believe that I love you.”

Thus, it is His love and compassion that defines me.


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