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The Body

I am not writing on a certain topic, and I certainly did not “prepare” this post. I am just thinking out loud and writing it down. Here goes.

Lately I have been shown just how blessed I am, especially in regards to friendships. I can see how God has sovereignly put certain people in my life, and given me the exact family I need. He has graced me with kind, loving people that truly care about me.

Not long ago, I said carelessly to someone, “I only truly like or care about like ten people.” (I know, sad)  My mindset was one of thinking people as obstacles, most in my way, bothering me, and a select few there because I got something out of the friendship. It was about getting, not giving. When God turned my heart to see my fallacy, I realized that our relationships-with every single person we come in contact with-are, and have been ordained for His purposes. Now I am learning (still learning) to see people as opportunities placed in front of me by the Lord.

In regards to the aforementioned statement, I think we as a church get the whole “body of Christ” thing so wrong. We “go” to church, sing a couple songs, hear a message, take a short communion that is gone over briefly, and then go home without the slightest bit of interest in the lives of our brothers and sisters. We go for us, instead of meeting with one another to serve, encourage, and to “bear one another’s burdens”.

I think we need to refocus our view of what the church should be. We need to go back to the early church way of doing things. Like in Acts.  They were so close; like a family. Isn’t that what it is supposed to be like anyway? Like a family? Shouldn’t the outsiders “know us by the love we have for one another”?

Like I said, just thinking out loud. If anybody gets anything out of this, then it is not my doing!


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